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Food-Related Resources for Tough Economic Times

  • Basic Bean Cookery … All jokes aside about the “musical fruit”, beans are a great food to sing the praises of in ALL economic times. Cheap, tasty, convenient and good-for-you too. Tips and recipes.
  • Supermarket Savings … 16 tips that DON’T have you making every food from scratch. They could save you a couple of thousand dollars a year!
  • Food Safety Checklist for “Planned-Over Foods” … Making the most of “left-overs” by making them “planned-overs” for later meals, can save time and money as long as you don’t let them make you sick.
  • Food Storage Fact Sheet … A food may still be safe, but no longer taste like something you want to eat if it’s stored too long — learn more about optimal storage times.

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